5G Spectrum Auction Details (2nd Aug 2022)

Auction Bidder’s Outflow (Circle Wise)

Auction Bidder’s Outflow (Pan India & Total)

Total Spectrum Outflow at Auction Price vs Valuation at Reserve Price

Total Outflow & Valuation of Spectrum at Reserve Price for all past auctions

Total Spectrum Offered for Sale & Sold (Circle Wise)

% of Spectrum Sold vs Offered, And % Outflow vs Validation at Reserve Price

Summary Auction Key Metric

5G auction Operator & Circle Wise Winner’s Spectrum Summary

Total Spectrum Operator Wise & Circle Wise (Existing & New)

Operator Wise Total Spectrum & Expiry Years (As of 2nd Aug 2022)

A) Bharti (Zoom to See)

B) RJIO (Zoom to See)

C) VI (Zoom to See)

Summary Sold & Unsold Spectrum Band & Circle Wise 

All Auctions Past Trends Outflows & Valuation & Reserve Price

All Auction Outflows Past Trends – Operator Wise

EMD submitted and Consumed all Past Auctions

Spectrum Auction – Auction Prices vs Reserve Prices – All Auctions All Bands (Zoom to See)


Spectrum Maps After Auctions

A) 700 MHz Band

B) 800 MHz Band

C) 900 MHz Band

D) 1800 MHz band

E) 2100 MHz Band

F) 2300 MHz Band

G) 2500 MHz Band

H) 3500 MHz Band

I) 26 GHz Band – Segment 1 (25.7 GHz to 27.5 GHz)

J) 26 GHz Band – Segment 2 – (24.25 to 25.7 GHz)