4G Spectrum Quality & Quantity

Indian Operator’s 4G Spectrum – Quantity & Quality

The simple addition of spectrum across circles often gives a misleading outcome. Why? All circles are not the same and have different revenue generation potential. Hence, I have aggregated the 4G spectrum of the operators (excluding the un-liberalized spectrum) using revenue weights of individual circles in order to come to a Pan – India number. The following picture gives both this comparison – Circle wise simple aggregation and revenue weights based Pan India aggregation. This gives the following conclusions.

1. Bharti has the best quality of 4G spectrum, followed by RJIO and Vodafone.
2. RJIO has acquired the best quality of 4G spectrum in the current auction.
3. Vodafone is lagging behind in both quality and quantity of 4G spectrum.
4. Vodafone’s 2500 MHz spectrum quality is not at par with 2300 MHz, as the same in some circles are in two discrete chunks which cannot be harmonized into one single chunk.