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Telecom Policy

22-03-2023 – How to Improve the Quality of 5G Services in India

08-02-2023 – VI — The Road Ahead

22-01-2023 – Does VI deserve a bailout? If yes, why?

20-01-2023 – The Collateral Damage of VI going out of business

23-11-2022 – Decluttering the debate on Regulating the OTT apps

06-11-2022 – Regulating OTT Communication Apps

29-10-2022 – OTT — Can it be licensed?

14-10-2022 – Telecom Bill 2022— Current Problems & Proposed Solutions

27-09-2022 – Indian Draft Telecom Bill — Summary & Conclusions (Part5)

26-09-2022 – Draft Telecom Bill 2022 — Changes and Implications (Part4)

25-09-2022 – Draft Telecom Bill 2022 — Changes and Implications (Part3)

24-09-2022 – Draft Telecom Bill 2022 — Changes and Implications (Part2)

24-09-2022 – Draft Telecom Bill 2022 — Changes and Implications (Part1)

28-02-2020 – Indian Telecom Sector – Past Policies & Lessons for the Future

05-12-2019 – What is wrong with telecom policies?

25-05-2019 – Telecom Sector – The List of Urgent Reforms

23-05-2019 – How to make sharing of infrastructure more attractive?

02-07-2018 – Reviving Telecom Sector: What do we need to do?

28-05-2018 – Why do we need a new telecom policy?

5G Spectrum & Regulation

22-03-2023 – Improving the Quality of 5G Services in India

04-06-2022 – 5G is so close but yet so far away, why?

31-05-2022 – 5G Needs Backhaul Spectrum — Are we ready?

23-05-2022 – 5G Spectrum Price will not go down, Unless

22-05-2022 – Indian 5G Auction — Who will bid what and why?

17-05-2022 – How to leverage 5G effectively for India’s broadband needs

25-04-2022 – Will 5G impact SUC, if yes, how?

15-04-2022 – 5G Millimeter Wave — Good for the health of SP

12-04-2022 – Indian 5G Spectrum Pricing

04-04-2022 – 5G in India — The Real Challenge

11-02-2022 – Indian 5G Auction — Increased License Period

06-02-2022 – Indian 5G Auction — Operator Outflow Scenarios

01-08-2020 – Adoption of 5Gi – What is the Biggest Challenge?

13-03-2020 – India’s 5G Technology – Opportunities and Challenges

26-10-2019 – The battle of the 26 GHz band: Facts vs Myths

25-10-2019 – Will 5G in India Get Killed?

29-08-2019 – DoS stance will prevent the rollout of 5G in India

30-05-2019 – Preventing 5G in 26 & 28 GHz will serve whose interest – Indian or Foreign?

21-05-2019 – “Earth”​ Flat or Round?

20-05-2019 – Spectrum Turf War

16-05-2019 – Can Operators Use 5G for Broadcasting TV Channels?

05-05-2019 – Incentivizing 5G Investments

31-10-2018 – 5G Millimetre Waves

30-10-2018 – How is 5G different from 4G?

04-10-2018 – Why 5G Spectrum Price of Other Markets Much Lower Than India?

13-03-2018 – Managing 5G Spectrum.

18-02-2018 – What is 5G?

17-11-2017–5G In India

Spectrum Auctions

12-08-2022 – 5G Auction – What can Bharti and VI do to unlock value?

04-08-2022 – 5G Auction — How much did it actually cost the operators?

30-07-2022 – 5G Auction — How to read the Daily Public Report

29-07-2022 – 5G Auction — The Battle of Uttar Pradesh (East)

27-07-2022 – 5G Auction Day 1 — Detailed Analysis

23-07-2022 – 5G Auction – Prediction based on past trends

21-07-2022 – 5G Auction Design— Rules and its Implications

18-07-2022 – 5G Auction — Possible Bidding Based On Submitted EMD

11-07-2022 – Using EMD to estimate the operator’s bidding flexibility

05-07-2022 – 3.5 GHz Auction Rules — Bid Aggressively, Else…

15-06-2022 – Indian Spectrum Auction — Operator’s Bidding Strategy

01-10-2021 – Indian Auctions — Spectrum For Display Or Sale?

19-12-2020 – An Analysis of Indian Forthcoming Spectrum Auctions (Revised)

13-07-2019 – Spectrum Auction – Operator’s Outflow Scenarios

15-06-2019 – An Analysis of Indian Forthcoming Spectrum Auctions

22-10-2018 – Does Spectrum Auction Truly Reflects Market Price?

02-09-2018 – Indian Telecom Spectrum Metric

01-08-2018 – TRAI’s Spectrum Recommendation

22-03-2018 – India Spectrum Auctions: Key Design Issues & Way Forward

23-02-2018 – Dissecting Past Auctions.

10-02-2018 – Pan-India Assignment of 3.5 GHz band.

18-03-2017–Indian Spectrum Auction: The Key Issues and Learnings

14-03-2017–Spectrum Auction Price Trends

08-10-2016–Indian Mega Auction: Post Auction Analysis

05-10-2016–India Mega Auction: Status End of Day4

05-10-2016–India Mega Auction: Status End of Day3

29-09-2016–Spectrum Auction: Circle Wise Detailed Bidding Strategy (Part 2)

25-09-2016–Spectrum Auction: Circle Wise Detailed Bidding Strategy (Part 1)

18-09-2016–Spectrum Auctions: Bidding Flexibility

17-09-2016–Spectrum Auctions: Bidding Interests

19-08-2016–2016 Mega Spectrum Auction: Opportunities & Challenges

15-05-2016–The Story of Spectrum Auctions

26-01-2016–March 2015 Auction Simulations: Bidding Strategy of Operators

29-01-2016–Unequal Block Sizes might Result in Unsold Spectrum

06-12-2015–Should we Auction MW Spectrum?

28-11-2015–X-Ray Analysis of Spectrum Inventory for Auctions

12-09-2015–The Mystery of Unsold Spectrum!!

25-07-2015–Spectrum Auctions: Problems and its Implications

06-07-2015–2015 Spectrum Auction: 900 MHz band Example

Spectrum Harmonization

06-06-2018 – 2300 MHz Harmonization: The Final Order

18-12-2017–Harmonizing the 2300 MHz Band

14-05-2017–Harmonizing 900 MHz Band

06-05-2017–Harmonizing Sub 700 MHz Band

02-02-2016–Why Harmonize 1800 MHz band?

Spectrum Prices

06-08-2019 – Why are mobile networks congested?

10-07-2019 – Did DoT try hard enough to rationalize spectrum price?

02-07-2019 – Maintaining 5G Spectrum Price at the current level hold ground?

23-06-2019 – Indian Telecom Sector – Is the golden goose tired?

11-06-2019 – Spectrum NPA – A reality or myth?

27-05-2019 – The Problem of Unused Spectrum

12-12-2018 – Improving TRAI’s Spectrum Price Calculations

12-09-2018 – Current Method of Calculating Reserve Price Needs to Improve

04-08-2018 – TRAI’s Spectrum Pricing Model: It is biased towards last bid value?

24-02-2018 – How was spectrum priced?

20-01-2018 – Does “Reserve Price” Accurately Reflects the Value of Spectrum?

20-10-2017–How to Calculate Reserve Prices for Spectrum Auctions

29-11-2017–Valuation of 60 GHz spectrum (V Band)

18-11-2017–Deferred Payment Calculation Formula

01-10-2017–The IMG Report: What is the impact on cash flow?

25-07-2017–IMG Draft Report Analysis

08-07-2017–Impact of Extending Spectrum Payment Tenure on Operators

02-07-2017–Indian Spectrum Outflows

14-04-2017–Is Spectrum Price a True Reflection of its Value?

02-02-2017–What is wrong with spectrum prices?

19-04-2016–Pricing Rationale of 700 MHz band

17-01-2016–High Price Spectrum is due to Irrational Bidding?

28-01-2016–Is TRAI’s 700 MHz Price Outcome of an Inadvertent Error?

30-01-2016–Is it Fair to Link Reserve Price with Last Auction Price?

Spectrum Availability

29-11-2019 – Which operator needs spectrum desperately?

07-07-2019 – Who has the largest 4G spectrum?

31-10-2017 –Refarming 900 MHz will enhance the operator’s 4G capability

28-10-2017–Comparing 4G Capability of the “Market Leaders”

07-05-2016–The Spectrum Matrix: Affordability, Availability, Accessibility

09-08-2015–“Spectrum Scarcity” a Reality or Myth?

Spectrum Regulations

08-04-2023 – Satellite Spectrum Assignment — The TRAI’s Dilemma

25-10-2022 – Satellite Spectrum — Auction or Not

09-10-2022 – Satellite Spectrum — Auction vs Administrative (Pros & Cons)

24-08-2022 – Satellite Spectrum — Overcoming Valuation Challenges

28-06-2022 – Private Networks — Analysis of the DoT’s guidelines

09-05-2022 – Satellite Spectrum SUC & Implications

12-10-2121 –Indian New SUC Rule — An Incentive to acquire more 5G spectrum

23-09-2021–No SUC for future spectrum, but will it reduce outflows?

04-03-2017–Unsold and New Spectrum Inventory

24-11-2017–Spectrum Cap Rules

15-07-2016–Analysing TRAI’s SUC Recommendations

03-06-2016–Different Operators Will Pay Different Spectrum Usage Charges

24-05-2016–History of Spectrum Usage Charge for 3G & BWA Spectrum

15-11-2015–The Story of Spectrum Usage Charge – Past, Present, & Future

12-11-2015–Spectrum Cap: Impact of Changing Definition from DoT to TRAI

14-09-2015– Spectrum Trading: Will the dream come true?

16-08-2015–Sharing Spectrum or Operator’s Steeplechase?

08-07-2015–Proposed Spectrum Sharing Rules Enable Hardly Any Sharing

04-07-2015–The Basic Problem with Indian Spectrum Policy

Operator Alignments

11-01-2018–RJIO+RCOM Spectrum Deal

09-01-2018–Dissecting RCOM’s Spectrum

15-10-2017–Vodafone & Idea – How to Increase the Efficiency 

14-10-2017–Bharti & Tata Merger: What is the real gain for Bharti?

30-09-2017–Stabilizing 4G

30-06-2017–Bharti + Tata: Spectrum Synergies

23-03-2017–Bharti + Tikona deal

15-01-2017–Vodafone + Idea (Scenario Analysis)

03-01-2017–Synergy of Telenor’s Spectrum with Bharti, Vodafone, and Idea

02-01-2017–Indian Telecom: Competitive Dynamics in the Lower Spectrum

18-03-2016–Bharti – Videocon Deal: Synergies and Impact in Future Auctions

19-01-2016–RJIO & RCOM Partnership Analysis

01-01-2016–Vodafone – Tikona Synergy

25-12-2015–RCOM & Aircel Merger Analysis

25-1112015–Why is demand for Videocon’s 4G Spectrum so high?

Spectrum Bands

31-05-2018 – V Band (60 GHz) Regulation: Are there Legal Issues?

03-05-2018 – 60 GHz (V Band): Why Should it be Delicensed?

15-10-2015–The Story of 800 MHz Band, Past, Present & Future

13-07-2015–The Story of the 1800 MHz Band: The Past, Present & Future

2G Spectrum Scam

24-12-2017–2G Spectrum Case

25-02-2017–The untold story of the 2G scam

Net Neutrality

30-11-2017–Analysing Dec 2017 TRAI’s Rec on Net Neutrality

30-07-2017–Do devices that limit access to applications violate NN?

09-02-2017–Net Neutrality: What is the debate all about?

21-12-2016–Analysing TRAI’s “Free Data” Recommendation

28-06-2016–Should TRAI Modify/Reverse its Order on Differential Pricing?

21-05-2016–What is the purpose of “Free Data” consultation?

24-06-2016–Business Models for “Free Data”

09-02-2016–Who Can Discriminate Tariffs/Access On Internet?

19-07-2015–Net Neutrality – Decoding “VOIP”

18-07-2015–Indian Net Neutrality – The Basic Problem

Make in India

17-04-2023 – India’s Recent Loss in WTO — An Analysis

25-05-2022 – Indian Electronic Trade — Export & Imports

25-01-2022 – Indian Trade in Electronics

21-01-2022 – India’s Export & Import in Merchandise

07-06-2020 – Dissecting Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme

16-02-2020 – Is “Make-in-India Working?

02-02-2020 – Incentivizing Manufacturing – Opportunities & Challenges

09-12-2019 – Make in India – Different Times Different Advocacy

10-12-2017—Use GST (Goods & Services Tax) to Drive Trust

17-06-2017–Making Mobile Phones in India

07-05-2017–India & ITA

29-04-2017–Incentivising Manufacturing of Mobile Phones in India

12-12-2016–How GST Impacts Manufacturing of Mobile Phones in India

27-12-2015–Mobile Handset Manufacturing in India: Status & Opportunities

Regulatory Challenges

15-10-2022 – Indian Telecom Market — The Danger of Duopoly

21-08-2021 – Telecom Sector – Multiple Licenses a Liability or a Liberator?

28-05-2019 – VNO & Spectrum Sharing etc have failed to take off, but why?

02-02-2019 – Challenges in Regulating OTT Services

13-07-2018 – VNOs Allowed Pass-Through, But What About Others?

29-06-2018 – Managing Call Drops

24-06-2018 – Internet Telephony in India

02-06-2018 – Why Dismantling “Revenue Share” is the mother of all reforms?

28-05-2018 – VNO, WiFi & M2M Licenses : Opportunities & Constraints

12-12-2017–The Changing Face of Indian Telecom

21-09-2017–Understanding Interconnection Usage Charge (IUC)

16-09-2017–License Fees @ % of Operator Revenues Should Go, But Why?

18-08–2017–Getting Rid of Revenue Share

12-04-2017–The Shrinking Telecom Sector

23-02-2017–What is the basic problem with revenue share?

30-01-2017–How Technology and Regulation Impacts Business Strategies

11-01-2017–Has the Indian telecom industry stagnated?

17-12-2016–How “Unlimited Voice” Impact Indian Operators

29-12-2017–The Key Issues Pending Resolution

06-08-2016–Analysis of TRAI’s IUC consultation

26-06-2016–Internet Telephony (VoIP) in India

12-06-2016–License Fees @ % of Revenue: What is the dispute all about?

05-06-2016–How Effective are the VNO Guidelines?

31-05-2016–Content Providers Can Discriminate, But the Operators Can’t!

26-05-2016–How to Implement a “Blocking System” for Stolen Phones in India?

08-11-2015–Reviving Indian Telecom Sector? First Fix Spectrum

03-11-2015–Call Drops & Spectrum – The Real Linkage

25-10-2015–Excessive Auction & License Fees Can Impact Growth

29-08-2015–Broadening Broadband, Are We Ready?

10-08-2015–Technology has innovated but, what about regulation?

Miscellaneous Articles

04-02-2023 – Dissecting Budget2023 — The Department of Telecommunication

09-10-2022 –Satellite Spectrum — Auction vs Adm Assignment (Pros & Cons)

14-06-2022 – Satellite Spectrum — Auction or Not, and Why?

28-06-2022 – Indian Telecom Landscape — How it has changed over time

16-05-2022 – Broadcasting Sector — Challenges & Opportunities

15-09-2020 – Indian Telecom’s AGR Tangle – Who is at fault?

19-03-2020 – It is all about clarity and the preciseness of policies!

16-03-2020 – DoT AGR Demand – Operator Impact

23-02-2020 – Was SC’s Interpretation of AGR the Real Intent of DoT?

21-11-2019 – Improving AGR Regulation

03-11-2019 – AGR Issue: Operator Payment Options

31-10-2019 – The AGR System – A Bottleneck for Motivating Investment

29-07-2019 – SC Judgment on AGR: Rationale and Implications

20-07-2019 – Indian Telecom Subscribers Trends

09-06-2019 – BSNL & MTNL Revival: Spectrum is the Key

07-06-2019 – Why is BSNL & MTNL Sick?

20-05-2019 – Can TV OTT Apps be Licensed Under Same Terms as Others?

19-05-2019 – Is Importing and Selling Refurbished Phones Allowed in India?

13-05-2019 – Broadcasting Regulations: Are the objectives met?

10-01-2019 – Reservation – Logic of the 50% Limit

08-01-2019 – SC Judgment on “Vagueness of Law”​ “Draft Intermediaries Guidelines”

07-01-2019 – Intermediaries Guidelines: Background and Issues

05-01-2019 – Aadhaar Amendment Bill 2018 – Key Features

27-12-2018 – New E-Commerce Policy Mimicking Net Neutrality Principles?

26-12-2018 – Decoding MHA’s Snooping Order

04-11-2018 – SC Judgment on Pricing of TV Channels and Related Issues

02-10-2018 – Summarising Aadhaar Judgment

30-09-2018 – Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act is Unconstitutional Says SC, But Why?

16-09-2018 – Simplifying The Privacy Debate

09-09-2018 – Right to Privacy: Jurisprudence of Past & Current Cases

01-09-2018 – Indian Telecom Finance Metric

19-08-2018 – Prevention of Corruption Act 2018

17-08-2018 – Public Servants Taking Decisions: The Key Challenges

15-08-2018 – No Technology Can Win Without a Conducive Regulatory Framework

11-08-2018 – Regulations: Why does positive intent often leads to negative outcomes?

06-08-2018 – Aadhar: Risks and Solutions

03-08-2018 – Privacy: Justice Srikrishna Report

30-05-2018 – Wireless Connectivity: How is the Rural India Doing?

16-04-2018 – Telecom FAQs

25-02-2018 – Where are the revenues going?

25-02-2018 – Where are the subscribers going?

24-01-2018 – Licensed vs Unlicensed Spectrum.

12-11-2017–Indian Operator’s Subscriber Net Adds

22-10-2017–A Short Story of Broadband

07-10-2017–A Short Story of the Telecom Industry

22-07-2017–The Economies of JIO Phone

25-06-2017–How GST Works?

16-04-2017–Wireless Technologies Made Easy

23-02-2017–How the market leaders are poised on spectrum and revenues

19-02-2017–Should Indian Operators Start Procuring Handset?

04-02-2017–Is 4G driving a Paradigm Shift in Telecom Business?

28-12-2016–Spectrum Made Easy

24-05-2016–White-Fi in Blackspace

01-11-2015–Spectrum Management for Dummies

03-10-2015–TV Whitespaces: How white are these spaces?

27-09-2015–The Debate on Encryption: Are we heading in the right direction?