RBI Monthly

T02 – RBI’s Assets & Liabilities

T04 – RBI’s USD Sale Purchase

T06 – RBI’s Money Stock Measure

T07 – RBI’s Source of Money (M3)

T08 – RBI’s Monetary Survey

T09 – RBI’s Liquidity Aggregates

T10 – RBI’s Survey

T12 – RBI’s Commercial Bank Survey

T13 – RBI’s Sch Comm Bank’s Investments

T14a – RBI’s Scheduled Comm Bank Business

T14b – RBI’s Scheduled Bank Business

T15 – RBI’s Bank Credit by Major Sectors

T16 – RBI’s Bank Credit Industry Wise

T20 – RBI’s Avg Price Gold & Silver

T24 – RBI’s T-Bill Ownership Pattern

T29 – RBI’s Avg Daily Turnover of Markets

T32 – RBI’s Forex Reserves

T33 – RBI’s NRI Deposits

T34 – RBI’s Foreign Investment Inflows

T35 – RBI’s Outward Remittance

T43 – RBI’s Payments Systems Indicators